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Apparel Resources Something Else and Greenfields (Indus Valley) to work together!

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Everybody realises that it is time to pool resources and work for collective good and growth. The same is reflected as two Delhi-based leading buying agencies Something Else and Greenfields (Indus Valley) will now work together in partnership.

Utilising the strengths of each other, both organisations are geared up to grow more aggressively.

Rahul Khubchand of Greenfields and Ruma Malik of Something Else have known each other for many years and also worked together for the formation of Buying Agents Association (BAA).Therefore, the decision to work together was quite easy for them.

Ruma corroborates the above and says “It is like the next generation is taking charge of the business and I am proud to share my experience and knowledge with them.”

“We are very happy with this initiative and in coming days our teams will have various meetings and see how to proceed together,” says Raleena Khubchand Gangwani of Greenfields.

In a joint discussion with Apparel Resources, Ruma and Raleena shared that they have the same business ethics and value, commitment to work and dedication,and so this partnership is more like a marriage made in heaven. “We are moving ahead with positive thoughts and approaches. Therefore, the decision to work together was quite easy,” they said.

Along with handicraft products, home furnishing and apparel are also important segments for these organisations.

So far, Europe was the core market for Something Else and US for Greenfields. Now, vendors of both buying houses, spread across entire India, will have more – and new – markets while at the same time, clients of both organisations will also get extended vendor base.

“We have plans to grow at least 50 per cent now as we will work in Europe very aggressively. Even during pandemic, Europe was fairly good for us,” said Ruma who works with wholesalers and importers, mid retailers of Europe. Its strength is design-led products. Recently, it started working with some new retailers also.

Something Else was established by Manjula Malik in 1988 and is led by Ruma Malik, while in 1983,Mony Khubchand established Indus Valley and subsequently, Greenfields.

Now the team of Something Else will work from the office of Greenfields. Ruma believes that the partnership has opened a new direction for her team also, as they will work with new leadership,which will go a long way in ensuring their growth.

“We look forward to continuing our legacy of maintaining high standards in sourcing, merchandising, product development and quality management by utilising our combined strength and synergy in thought and process. Our endeavour is that the synergy of our two companies shall bring in a new standard in sourcing, merchandising, product development and quality management,” said Raleena.